DAB E.Sybox

The DAB E.sybox is a truly unique product bringing together all the things you need for efficient, quiet and smooth water delivery. The units have been designed primarily for domestic and light commercial installations where the incoming mains pressure is too low or inconsistent. And if you have a larger premises with similar issues the units can be doubled up to provide a stand alone twin pump variable speed booster set.

The E.sybox features integrated variable speed technology, extremely quiet operation (approximately 45 dB), anti-vibration feet, choice of ports and installation position and an extremely compact footprint allowing for installation in confined areas.

In addition to the standard unit a range of accessories such as break tanks, wall mounting brackets, docking baseplates etc. provide flexibility and adaptability.

PumpSmart Limited are a recognised DAB E.sybox partner and as such offer full technical support and advice as well as being able to supply equipment from stock and, if necessary commissioning by our own service department is available.