Prevention………it’s preferable to the cure!

And that is what the PumpSmart Service department is all about. We offer a range of options for routine servicing of pressurisation units and booster sets which allow us to anticipate forthcoming issues that may compromise your system.

For example, the expansion vessel is the most important yet most ignored part of the sealed system pressure management unit and, without regular checks on the air cushion pre-charge, you will encounter high pressure situations resulting in system alarms……normally when you least want them and often resulting in early equipment failure.

An annual or bi-annual visit can help prevent this from occurring and assures peace of mind.

Similar issues can arise on cold water booster sets if the vessel is not regularly checked and adjusted. Incorrectly set air cushion pressure often results in fluctuations in delivered water pressure, not ideal for users or indeed the pipework and fittings. It can also reduce the life expectancy of the pump and motor as excessive starts have a detrimental effect on both. It is also worth bearing in mind that, in terms of energy usage, the more efficiently the set functions the less power is used.

So why not let our fully trained and highly experienced service team carry out a full operational check and ensure you are getting the best from your investment. We can also advise on options and opportunities to improve and enhance installations. For example, would you benefit from the inclusion of frequency inverters on fixed speed installations? There are many significant advantages to variable speed control, the most notable being a reduction in power usage. PumpSmart Limited have access to some of the most innovative and reliable inverter products on the market making upgrades and improvements simple and straight forward.

Please contact us on 01206 851535 or email for further information.