Packaged Pressurisation Systems

Part One—The Make-Up Unit

Tried, tested and trusted…..the Flamco Digifiller has all the built in features and quality you would expect from one of the leading manufacturers. But the Digifiller offers something extra….simplicity!

Supplied, pre-set and ready to install for all systems with static heights no greater than 10 metres, the Digifiller 1.0 removes the necessity for on-site commissioning which saves time and money. However, if your static height is greater than 10 metres, just tell us at the time of order and we will adjust the settings to suit your system*

The Flamco Digital Controller also allows for extensive BMS Interface, User Friendly Display and easy adjustment. High quality reliable components ensure a long install life and peace of mind for the customer.

*up to a maximum static height of 25 metres. Full details of system height and safety valve settings will be required.

Part Two – The Vessel

Equally as important is the system expansion vessel! The Flamco ‘P’ range is available from 8 to 500 Litre** as standard, rated to 10 bar Maximum Working Pressure and suitable for both Heating and Chilled Water systems.

As with the Digifiller, the vessels are made up of quality components designed to offer reliability and longevity.

And, when ordered with the Digifiller, we will pre-set the Nitrogen charge so that it arrives on site, ready to install!

**larger vessel sizes are available if required.

The Package

  • High quality Make-Up Unit & high quality Vessel/s
  • Pre-Commissioning Certificate
  • Free standard UK Mainland Delivery
  • 12 month follow up service at reduced rate

Please contact us on 01206 851535 or email for further information.