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PumpSmart Limited – Booster Set Upgrades

PumpSmart Limited are pleased to be able to announce an exciting, new partnership with Aqualectra BV.

Aqualectra are a long established, highly regarded innovative control solutions manufacturer from the Netherlands. They design and produce a wide range of control equipment for Energy Distribution, Building Automation, Industrial Automation and, this is where PumpSmart Limited comes in, Booster Set Control Panels.

The AUC3400, developed by Aqualectra, is all you need to convert an old, tired inefficient booster set into a modern, energy saving and reliable system. Change the panel….not the complete booster set!

Able to control up to 8 pumps from a single panel and utilising standard panel mounted inverters, the AUC3400 will provide accurate and reliable control with benefits to the customer including:-

  • Smoother distribution of water through the building resulting in less hydraulic shock and strain on pipework
  • Panel mounted inverters which, in the unlikely event of failure, can be quickly and cost effectively replaced
  • Fully variable speed control delivering significant energy savings as the pumps will only run at the speed required to satisfy demand – meaning that you only pay for the energy you need.
  • State of the art controller already widely used in the UK, tried and tested.

Full technical support is available from a fully approved and trained distributor, PumpSmart Limited.

And, on the subject of PumpSmart, we offer a supply and fit service to existing booster sets. This means that you avoid the full cost of installing a complete new booster set and all the pipework alterations that go with it, and instead the existing package is upgraded and modified to provide a 21st century system.

It is quicker, cheaper and less disruptive and the capital payback period is shorter due to the reduced outlay. As soon as you convert……you start saving money!

Please contact us on 01206 851535 or email sales@pumpsmart.co.uk for more information. If required we can carry out an assessment of your existing unit and advise on suitability and likely costs for the upgrade.

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Pumpsmart Controls
Pumpsmart Controls