It’s not all hot and cold air!

Did you know that PumpSmart Limited hold a large number of Deaeration and Separation systems to help ensure your heating and cooling systems run in the most efficient manner?

As we are sure you are already aware, there are many benefits of installing automatic air vents and combined air and dirt separators into your new or existing systems.

Automatic Air Vent : This is a very effective way of removing air and other gasses from heating and cooling systems, the vents are applied at the high points in the system where air is known to collect. The Automatic Air Vents we stock have the following features:-

  • Brass Casing
  • Non Leak, Non-Shut off Deaeration Valve
  • Reliable, Automatic Deaeration
  • Considerably reduces flow noise, circulations problems & drops in performance
  • Reduces Maintenance requirements
  • Suitable for application limits of 110/180 degrees

Are two better than one?

Absolutely! Why not remove air and dirt at the same time? With the combined air and dirt separators this is a very effective and efficient way of removing Micro-bubbles, dirt and sludge from your system.

  • Removes free circulating air and gas bubbles
  • Connections available from 22mm to 600mm
  • Single installation with doubled effect
  • Sludge drain connection

PumpSmart Limited know the benefits of installing the above units into systems and as such we have now increased our stock of both the Automatic Air Vents and Combined Air and Dirt Separators at our premises in Colchester.

Dosing Pots
In addition to removing unwanted air and dirt how about adding chemical additives into sealed systems?

Doing pots are used to for dosing sealed heating and cooling systems with Chemical additives, therefore making it even easier to keep your systems running efficiently

  • Complete with Tundish, Vessel, air vent, Inlet, outlet and drain valves
  • Supplied fully assembled
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Working temperatures between 5°c and 90°c
  • 16 Bar Rated

We hope that this is of interest to you or if you require any further information please do get in touch with a member of our qualified sales team on 01206 851535 or email for further information.