The PumpSmart Limited ‘Total Booster Package’ offers a start to finish Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning service for new and replacement cold water booster sets. With access to all the major manufacturers, we have a wide range of equipment we can offer covering Domestic, Light Commercial, Commercial and Industrial applications which allows us to select and install exactly the right set for the job.

It is essential that, from the outset, the application requirements are fully understood and that the correct decisions are made as to what type of system will best meet the needs of the client. For new installations we provide assistance with the sizing and selection of the sets, either standard supply or bespoke where required. For replacement units we assess the existing arrangements and advise on the best way forward. It is at this stage we fully engage with the customer and, in partnership with them, ensure the needs of the site are met.

Our flexibility in this area is key. Our main concern when selecting equipment is suitability for purpose and for that reason we always make sure we have plenty of options. Whether it is our own range of compact variable speed sets, a set sourced from one of the many manufacturers we represent or a ‘bespoke’ one off, our philosophy remains the same….right set for the application!

Experienced, qualified engineers deliver high levels of workmanship ensuring quality installations, we carry out the mechanical and electrical works which essentially means a one stop shop for the client. Let us handle it for you!

Following installation, the PumpSmart Limited service department will fully commission the set, fine tune the parameters and optimise the controls to maximise performance and ensure the full energy saving potential is realised.