Equipment Sizing and Selection

A specialist Pump Sales and Distribution company should be able to size and select equipment……and so we can! Our in depth knowledge of what’s available in the marketplace, together with our understanding of systems and installations, means that we are pleased to be able to assist with the sizing and selection of the correct equipment.

With the benefit of being able to draw from the majority of the major manufacturers ranges, PumpSmart Limited make sure that the correct equipment is selected and offered in every case. This may be new installations requiring a cold water booster set for example or, existing installations where old units have come to end of life or indeed, have been incorrectly sized in the first place. It is not uncommon for us to see things under or oversized which not only reduces the life expectancy of the pump or booster but also means the rest of the system may be struggling to perform efficiently.

If you provide us the information we need we will do the rest.