System Improvements and Enhancement

As with energy efficiency, system improvements and enhancement utilises the latest technology we have available so that your system works better. As new products come onto the market, as with all walks of life, it makes sense to incorporate them into an existing installation and benefit from them. It may be a small domestic circulator that needs replacing to get better control of the heat distribution or a control panel change on a large cold water booster set. PumpSmart Limited have the capabilities to put this into action and we have done so on many occasions. Replacing pumps to variable speed is an obvious step and where appropriately implemented can be majorly beneficial. Cold Water Booster sets also present the perfect opportunity for enhancement and improvement.

As an approved distributor for Aqualectra Limited we have worked hand in hand with them to identify, develop and install new energy efficient control panels on existing sets. This process avoids the need for major upheaval and alteration as we simply change the panel to a variable speed version and you, the customer and bill payer, benefit from instant energy savings. Where the set warrants it, by changing the panel only, the capital outlay is reduced yet the savings are just as good as if the complete unit was replaced. If however the set is too old and beyond remedy we also offer a design, supply and installation service for new boosting equipment.

We don’t stop there though. In conjunction with our partners we can also assist with Heating and Chilled Water system improvements again, making the most of modern technology.