The Future

With more and more consideration being given to energy usage and the increasing implementation of green legislation, PumpSmart Limited is able to assist with the identification of areas where real energy savings can be made.

New products, aimed at energy consumption reduction, are constantly entering the market however there is also great potential to improve existing installations.

Existing Installations

A large number of pumps with integrated inverters are simply not set up correctly and are therefore wasting energy unnecessarily. Our simple equipment operation survey will highlight areas for improvement and make recommendations to improve efficiency where appropriate.

In addition however, there is massive potential for upgrading and improving existing equipment and optimising system performance. This could involve complete replacement of Pumps, Booster Sets, Controls etc or simply upgrading the current installation.

New Installations

As time moves on, so does the technology available. Many pumps are now only available with integrated inverter control and it is inevitable that legislation will be extended to cover all pumps in the future. This does not mean however that consideration should not be given to how and when we incorporate this in to the system. With many control modes and settings being built in as standard it is imperative that the correct options are selected and that the strategy implemented is appropriate to each individual system.

It is important to note that not all systems perform better as a result of variable speed pumping and indeed, some systems suffer as a result of it. This is where the full support and back up from PumpSmart Limited can help.

Whether it is advice from our internal team or site support via our own dedicated service department, PumpSmart Limited have the tools and the package to assist.